kdisf yn9rf h7d49 fa39n h5i6d 25h77 7haf4 h4dfe irbrf azf4z z9n76 ttz4r t22y7 r5zt9 56r6h z675z tny8i rr6bf hz78e 4n8n7 8e3k9 Is a stickerless axis cube harder to solve than stickered? |

Is a stickerless axis cube harder to solve than stickered?

2022.01.26 08:27 juftish Is a stickerless axis cube harder to solve than stickered?

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2022.01.26 08:26 BAD_BAD_ME You get the power to undo a limited number of things, you dont know when it'll stop, but it will, what are you changing in the world?

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2022.01.26 08:26 theotherdove Watcher!Grian I drew instead of doing my hw

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2022.01.26 08:26 Ponderesque Video Game Music Trivia #4 "Going on the offensive here" You don't need to know the games because the answers are already there.

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2022.01.26 08:26 bernii__999 wie mit Aktien umgehen wenn Hausbau geplant ist?

Hi Leute, bin in folgender Situation und weiß nicht genau wie ich mit den Finanzen umgehen soll:
Ich bespare aktuell monatlich ein eher langweiliges Aktien Depot und mittlerweile hat sich schon eine Summe von ca 12K angesammelt. Ich bin aktuell 22 Jahre alt und plane eigentlich in ca. 5-8 Jahren ein Haus zu bauen. Dafür brauche ich natürlich einen nicht so kleinen Kredit. Ich stelle mir nun die Frage ob ich die ETF's weiter besparen soll oder ob ich mal stoppen soll. Zum Hausbau bräuchte ich ja dann auch genügend Eigenkapital (Was zwar vorhanden wäre aber ohne zukünftiger Aktien Käufe natürlich um einiges mehr).
Was ist hier der bessere Weg? Weiter Aktien kaufen und dann verkaufen und hoffen bei Baubeginn gute Kurse zu haben? (scheint mir eigentlich keine gute Idee). Die ETF's dann bei Baubeginn halten und im Depot liegen lassen? Weiter einzahlen ins Aktien Depot und dann eine größere Kreditsumme aufnehmen? Die Rendite der ETF's sollte auf längere Sicht ja definitiv höher sein als die Verzinsung des Kredites.
Depot setzt sich aus einem klassischen 70/30 Portfolio + einem NEW Energy ETF zusammen.
Vielleicht hat jemand hier gute Tipps oder schon Erfahrungen in dem Bereich. Danke :)
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2022.01.26 08:26 Moist_Age6983 SHAQ Dance Battle against son #shorts

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2022.01.26 08:26 johnnycabb_ Team Deathmatch Plays & Likes for Award

I hope this link works. Can you play my TDM and give me a like? I'm going for the award. Cheers!
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2022.01.26 08:26 Grujah [Round 106213] Coords of this place within 50m

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2022.01.26 08:26 Broad-Fuel4116 How to Read Facial Expressions | Real-Time FACS "Coding" | Demonstration 1

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2022.01.26 08:26 JafarAllahverdi HMF while I show off my moves

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2022.01.26 08:26 NVJayNub I tried to buy 200, but fat fingers bought 1002. But I'm so hyped I didn't sell the 802 extra shares. DRS soon! LFG!! 🦍🚀🚀🚀🟣

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2022.01.26 08:26 ahjteam What would be a cool and equivalent and genderneutral term of mansplaining, but for stupid idiot instead of man?

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2022.01.26 08:26 No_Knowledge2835 Ergenlik yıllarında arkadaş olduğun kız ve sen...

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2022.01.26 08:26 mitaan_ei_tapahdu what did i do wrong uwu

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2022.01.26 08:26 Wesaxome Recommend me some christian songs that bring you joy/hope. Or any other christian songs that you like!

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2022.01.26 08:26 Cultural-Reply-3992 The basics of home-care for diabetic pets

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2022.01.26 08:26 Mplhd Eurorack as usual. Jamuary 2022 - Session 3

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2022.01.26 08:26 beniknucool Teflon flexible barbell for piercing industrial?

I’m thinking of getting an industrial piercing and I’m hesitating between two shops. One puts in a implant grade titanium barbell, the other places a teflon flexible barbell which you can change to a titanium barbell after like two weeks. Is a flexible barbell better for swelling? Wouldn’t it pose risks for getting a crooked piercing site? Thanks in advance
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2022.01.26 08:26 TCFgtr [DISCUSSION] Our first live show is coming up - got any tips?

Me and my two friends will be having a gig in our high school's graduation celebration in a few months. We are planning to play Marty Friedman's song 'Valley of Eternity' since we don't really have a singer. We all are going to play guitar, so I think we are going to use a drum & bass backing track instead of live drummer and bassist.
We would be happy to receive some advice on what we should focus on!
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2022.01.26 08:26 SexWithItto69 I. World Seggs Wars Begins now🙂🙂😅😁😁...

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2022.01.26 08:26 Slummywummy Persona 3 FES ISO Modding Question

I haven't played this in years, I don't remember if I even finished it. I saw heaps of good mods on Gamebanana including the blue moon overhaul thing. Persona 4 Golden was obviously easier to mod since it is already a pc game. I got an ISO over and over again and had Aemulus keep doing its thing before I realised I was probably doing something quite wrong.
I will be converting it to pkg later and putting it on my PS3 running HEN. Just wondering the easiest way to do it because I won't be using pcsx2.
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2022.01.26 08:26 JustLinkStudios Got 12 more £15 Amazon cards to sell. As with my last 10 I’m selling them for £14.

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2022.01.26 08:26 HamsterHam Level 3 Beaver win!

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2022.01.26 08:26 Rayne-Mustang I feel like my biggest insecurity growing up was that I was naive.

It seems like it makes sense with inferior Ti, anyone else experience the same? How did you overcome it or work on your Ti?
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2022.01.26 08:26 D-Fence Tesla vs BMW interior filter comparison - with a twist

So Tesla released a new video showing off their HEPA filter vs a BMW X3.
I got curious why the X3 filled up with smoke that quickly despite having proper filters....
If you set it to 4k and zoom into the BMWs climate control unit, you can see AC is off, circulation is off and the blower is on full power. Why fake it?
Screengrab: https://i.imgur.com/Qqqlajg.png
BMW control unit: https://cdn.bimmertoday.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/2020-BMW-X3-M-F97-iDrive-7-0-Infotainment-Update-01-1024x684.jpg
Lowest right silver buttons are AC and above automatic circulation. Both disabled on the car in the video, yet the blower is on full power. In this setting, it sucks in as much air from the outside as possible, bypassing any automatic filtering. I don't get why they do crap like that....if your product is as good as you say you can show it off without cheating.
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