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Do I grow a pair and ask him out?

2022.01.26 07:18 cielshouse Do I grow a pair and ask him out?

I(20f) have been talking to this guy (20m) for the last 5 months since I started university. I really like him. He’s funny, he’s attractive, he’s patient, has a cute dog, is good at making conversation, etc. Every time we’ve hung out though, I’ve always been the one asking him to do things. We’ve gone for coffee a bunch of times, we’ve gone to the gym together, we’ve gone on a road trip. I love spending time with him, but I’m getting really self conscious because he’s never asked me to hang out, you know? He texts me first a lot, and he sends me memes, but that’s about the extent of it. My plan was just to wait it out and see where it goes, but my friends have been pressuring me to make the first move.
Do I confess my feelings for him, or stick with my original plan and go with the flow?
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2022.01.26 07:18 MichaelClark11 Meet Stella, my roommates doggo!

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2022.01.26 07:18 TwiXer2 Don't think we did

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2022.01.26 07:18 kybackwoods Been seeing this white hen around the pasture with about 30 other hens. White wild turkeys are pretty rare here, I might've seen 3 in my 20 years of chasing tail fans. I'm suspecting shes a domesticated bird (white holland?) I know its blurry but I was driving. Thoughts?

Been seeing this white hen around the pasture with about 30 other hens. White wild turkeys are pretty rare here, I might've seen 3 in my 20 years of chasing tail fans. I'm suspecting shes a domesticated bird (white holland?) I know its blurry but I was driving. Thoughts? submitted by kybackwoods to turkeyhunting [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 07:18 burnsides-stars Why don’t they make red Gameboy Pocket shells?

I managed to pick up a gameboy pocket at a flea market, works great but the red shell has some wear and tear so I wanted to reshell it but it seems near impossible to find a replacement shell that’s the same red? Anyone have any advice on where I could find one as I’d like to keep the red?
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2022.01.26 07:18 glutentag_1 Who tf is Bruno and why do we not talk about him?

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2022.01.26 07:18 WordSymth Same group of people went by twice, looked right past us.

Okay so I was 19 at the time (23 now) and attending a youth group club with my sister who was 17. We both went there every week and had made friends with the majority of the group.
We are waiting in the lobby area at the end of the group around 8pm, just talking and hanging around for the rest of our friends. The plan was to go for milkshakes after town.
Then a different group walk past us. This was weird firstly as at this time of night on a Thursday the only people left in the building are part of the youth group that meet in a specific room on the 1st floor. The rest of the building is for employees working as social workers and such. So neither my sister nor had seen or even recognised these people. They were teenagers and very distinctly, I remember one guy with neon blue headphones, a girl carrying a violin case and two other boys laughing loudly and pushing each other around.
1st time they go by, literally right past us, almost brushing my shoulder. They all stare ahead and don’t look or seem to notice me or my sister.
A few minutes go by and we’re still waiting on our friends. It’s only a short walk down a stairwell to get to the lobby so it’s weird they’re taking so long.
Then the same group of people walk past us again. Both my sister and I had seen them exit the building and cross a road leading into town. Yet it was the same boy with the neon headphones, same girl carrying the violin and the same two boys laughing and shoving each other as they walked. This time I try saying ‘hey’ to get their attention and they turn but stare past us. I can’t meet their eyes and both me and my sister are confused, shocked and freaked out. Just like before, the group walk out of the building and out of view.
I check with my sister that she had seen it too. Then 5 minutes go by, and I get a call from my one of the friends we were waiting for this whole time.
Yeah so turns out, our friends had walked past us only a few mins after we had got to the lobby first. They thought we had joined them on the way out. There was only one way out of the building at night and we would have seen them. Our friends didn’t see the other group leaving the building either. Never saw them go to the youth group ever and never saw them again.
Still gives me the creeps.
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2022.01.26 07:18 Acrobatic_Stress7836 california

Any photograpehrs from california?
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2022.01.26 07:18 F-Lexx Tânărul care l-a stropit cu cerneală pe George Simion, bătut crunt de simpatizanții AUR: "Am fost lovit în cap şi în coaste, mi-au tras masca, mi-au dat jos blugii"

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2022.01.26 07:18 QuietTHINGno1KNOWS 600 pound hip hop life

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2022.01.26 07:18 broidontgiveayarrak böle sarki sözü atim mi arada

View Poll
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2022.01.26 07:18 Devfterr I really am

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2022.01.26 07:18 shanabailey TOPSHAK TS-EP2 900W 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer [USA] for 42.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $44.79) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: TOPSHAK TS-EP2 900W 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer [USA]
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2022.01.26 07:18 MentalTest2 Karma for Karma 🥰

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2022.01.26 07:18 ilikesaucy Being fed up with her husband's story telling habit the wife asked him to pack up all his stories in a bag and throw them away.

So the storyteller went to the forest to empty all his stories. After a whole day of waiting when the wife found her husband coming back she ran to greet him and asked whether he had done away with all those silly stories? The story-teller replied with yet another story. "I didn't have time to empty my bag, because a very funny thing happened to me when I went into the forest. I met a big tiger who chased me through bushes. But before he could catch me, I jumped on to the branch of a banana tree and climbed up its trunk. The tiger climbed after me, and the higher I climbed, the higher the tiger climbed too. When we were up in the clouds, the banana tree began to shake and, with a crash, the tree fell down. Luckily, the tiger fell into the forest and I fell through the roof of your brother's house. Your brother's wife was cooking some rice cakes, and she gave me some to eat before I came home. You don't believe me? Well, taste one of the rice cakes yourself."
Disclaimer: I stole the joke from Bangladeshi Folktales. I didn't make this.
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2022.01.26 07:18 Weebers01 BAKEMONOGATARI EPISODE - 11

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2022.01.26 07:18 seguleh25 Refreshing from PBI Service much slower than from Desktop

I have a simple model and report reading from Excel files stored on SharePoint. When I refresh from Desktop it's a quick refresh. When I try from PBI Service it takes forever and sometimes the refresh doesn't work. Any idea why this might be the case?
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2022.01.26 07:18 azzelgreys this is the "sequence" brussels

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2022.01.26 07:18 croissantbae I’m extremely over it.

I’m so tired of working hard for very little.
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2022.01.26 07:18 nexus1011 F1 won't even provide live timing for Barcelona test

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2022.01.26 07:18 Moxanz2 What’s happened to the passive investing Australia site?

I’d really like to read the relevant sections on hedging. Stuck in a pickle at the moment.
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2022.01.26 07:18 AussieOscar1 Sniping in Pavlov

Hey I’ve been trying to up my sniping game any tips? (I mostly use the yellow sniper aka the one to the left of the top of the rifle section so the newest sniper)
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2022.01.26 07:18 juddin0801 AppSumo Harvel Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

AppSumo Harvel Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software! New Deal Notification........................... SaaS Clerk Lifetime Deal (LTD) Talk Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.
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24/7 automated copyright protection for digital creators.

If you create and sell digital content, the only place you want to deal with pirates is at the movies.
You need to safeguard your work and revenue stream from piracy and copyright infringement, but don’t have the time or legal expertise to resolve issues on your own.
It's time for an anti-piracy platform that scans the internet for you, processes takedown requests for infringement, and removes offending URLs from search results.

Alternative to: DMCA.pro and Rulta
Best for: Artists, software developers, and instructors looking to protect their original content on the digital market.
Let's see the features that can attract you in a nutshell....
  1. Harvel is a copyright protection tool that automatically scans the web for pirated content and sends expert-verified DMCA takedown requests to site hosts and search engines.
  2. Detect piracy with automatic web crawls and use DMCA takedown requests to protect your content.
  3. Receive in-depth weekly updates on infringements, takedowns, and search de-indexing.
  4. Start by typing in the URL for your original content, and Harvel’s state-of-the-art crawler will look for instances of infringement across the web.
  5. You’ll be able to view stats on every step of the tracking, reporting, and takedown process on one seamless dashboard.
  6. Whenever any infringement is found, the platform’s team of experts verifies each case and sends a DMCA takedown request to the offending site’s host to force removal.
  7. See every reported instance of infringement on Harvel’s simple dashboard, which tracks offending URLs and pending takedowns.
  8. Harvel works with Google and other search engines to de-index the sites with pirated content, ensuring they’ll never appear in search results.
  9. Once DMCA takedown and de-indexing are resolved, you’ll be able to access the official record of the takedown and see every action Harvel took to protect you.
  10. Plus, Harvel supports a whitelisting function, so you can ensure that custom domains where you do sell your content aren’t flagged for infringement.
To learn more, please visit here: https://ltdt.saasclerk.io/Harvel

Happy Marketing!
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2022.01.26 07:18 Emike00 Crypto Smart Partners With Infusion Lawyers

Crypto Smart Partners With Infusion Lawyers.
To Provide Legal Infrastructure For the Company, and for legal guidance, Crypto Smart has Partnered with Infusion Lawyers. Partnership has always been proven to fuel projects. As you know, Crypto Smart also Partners With 100Pay Strategically.
Let’s Learn a little About Both Companies.
About Crypto Smart
Crypto Smart is a B2B Crypto Asset Management company founded in January 2021 by Karla Obakpolor, a blockchain business developer and Algorand ambassador in 2020. Crypto Smart offers fast and secure services which are based on a well-encrypted system with 24/7 customer support services.
Crypto smart has grown from offering its services to individuals to companies and major enterprises as well as providing crypto education through various crypto courses.
Now they company just went into partnership with the Infusion Lawyers;
The Infusion Lawyers Infusion Lawyers is a virtual intellectual property and technology law firm that was founded on April 26th, 2017, and driven by a love for entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in providing legal infrastructure to tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups.
The mission of Infusion Lawyers is to protect and support innovations by providing innovators and entrepreneurs the legal infrastructure needed to maximize value, create opportunities and open up new possibilities.
Let’s Look at the Benefits of Crypto Smart’s Strategic Partnership with Infusion Lawyers.

  1. Data Protection And Privacy:
The need for Data Protection And Privacy cannot be over emphasized. In a data-driven global economy, businesses and startups need legal and regulatory guidance on data protection and privacy.
Data protection and privacy is a fundamental right that is enforceable in a court of law when breached. Crypto Smart, in most of their activities and ofcourse in their upscaling process, will be dealing with data and as such need to have in-depth knowledge about the possibility of a breach of the data protection and policy as provided by various Acts.
  1. Preventing Non-compliance with the law:
It’s always advisable to prevent an unfortunate happening than trying to remedy it. The economic implication of non-compliance with the law should not be overlooked as it may lead to the compulsory liquidation of a company.
To prevent any future occurrences of non-compliance with the law and enactments, this partnership is highly needed.
  1. Information about legal changes:
You can’t go wrong with up-to-date information. The business environment comprises various sectors from which there might be a change. Aside from the technological, economic, social, political environment, the legal environment is another important sector in which changes can affect the smooth running of a company. To mitigate ignorance which is not an excuse in law, Infusion Lawyers will provide information about legal changes which may disrupt the operation of Crypto Smart if not taken care of.
  1. Flexibility in Decision making:
Infusion Lawyers will serve as legal advisors to prevent inherent statements in legal agreements between Crypto Smart and its clients and also between Crypto Smart and any other possible partnership agreement. This will boost the decision-making process of the company.
  1. Personalized advice:
Thorough guidance
One of the processes followed by Infusion Lawyers is the understanding of the company’s vision and mission. Understanding Crypto Smart’s vision and mission will allow Infusion Lawyers to give personalized advice to Crypto Smart about the best way and strategy to be adopted in bringing the vision into reality while taking cognizance of the legal implications.
Conclusion Crypto Smart has been partnering with leading African tech companies and is open to more partnerships that will boost its upscaling on Algorand blockchain.
|We have our team working in line with the roadmap to bring into reality our blockchain solutions and to make it easier, a partnership like this is needed. KarlaGod, Founder, Crypto Smart.
For More, Visit;
Website Twitter Discord Instagram Telegram LinkedIn Medium Blog
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2022.01.26 07:18 h00ha Is there a sub where people can share their pics n videos of top-speed runs?

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