Disney+ stiže u Hrvatsku ovog ljeta

by Gitesh Pandya. THIS WEEKEND Super hero movies have ruled the pandemic box office and now the latest one - Spider-Man: No Way Home - has shattered records and expectations kicking off what is sure to be a colossal run over the holiday season.. The new Spider-Man film generated an eye-popping $253M opening weekend in North America, according to estimates, becoming the third biggest debut of ...

2022.01.26 07:46 anxcho Disney+ stiže u Hrvatsku ovog ljeta

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2022.01.26 07:46 BITW0001 People of reddit, what’s the quote that defines who you are?

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2022.01.26 07:46 SnooChocolates1726 my opinion as to why many WOTR players don't view Iomedae in a favorable light and her actual reasons for interfering in mortal affairs. would love to hear your thoughts about this

i initially made this as a comment on an another post on this sub.(https://www.reddit.com/Pathfinder_Kingmakecomments/scvht3/a_controversial_take/) but thought to myself might as well make it it's own post
first of all it's important to keep one thing in mind when talking about Iomedae, and that thing is while she doesn't lie directly, she can tell half truths. she basically tells you this when you ask her why she didn't tell the herald about you not being her chosen. so with that taken into consideration and with the her other statements, we can reach a conclusion as to why she showed up after your battle in Drezen and why many people don't like her ( i personally like her as a character)
1- first she tells you that the matter has escalated and that it is no longer the concern of mortals alone. which mean what prompted her intervention is not the countless deaths the suffering or the sheer horror that is being inflicted on the land, but something that is a direct threat or nuisance to the gods. and this sorta contradicts what she says in my second point
2- second she tells you that "justice is the birth right of all" and that she is here to see that you have that justice. and while i do agree with her that justice is the birth right of all, i just don't understand why the commander's justice is the only one that matters. what about all the other crusaders what about the their justice, their lives, and their right to decide their own fate. is the commander somehow special to Iomedae that his fate matters more than the millions literally millions that died or were enslaved since the opening of the worldwound, or is it more important than an entire country being wiped out from the face of existence. what about Yaniel being held prisoner for seventy years what about her justice, Tragona being experimented upon for decades, Galfrey Iomedae personal chosen champion which you as the player on a certain mythic path can subjugate to the most horrific fate, what about their justice. and so many more examples where the right to have justice does not matter enough for Iomedae to intervene
3- third on a certain mythic path you can find out about the fate that awaits you as the key to the worldwound which is death. and in all honestly this should be available to all mythic paths if you manage to combine the two parts of the lexicon and pass the skill checks before beginning act 5. however she does bring this information to your attention and for that she deserves some credit. but to my second point why does the the fate of the commander matter to Iomedae
4- forth Iomedae throughout the entire conversation doesn't seem to care at all if the worldwound gets closed or how are you going to close it if you got rid of your mythic power. look i get it Iomedae has the right to be skeptical of you, and i hate Nocticula as much as she does (Noc is still one of fav characters in the game though) but to my good mythic PC closing the wound is his top priority and it is the only thing that matters, if Noc benefits in the process or he dies, that is completely irrelevant to him. and i am sorry (although actually not) if the concern of us puny tiny little mortals don't seem to interest the goddess
5- fifth her arguments strength would vary depending on the mythic path that you have chosen. obviously they hold more weight if you are an evil aligned mythic character, but why would an evil person listen to Iomedae. a good mythic character on the other hand might listen to Iomedae. although her arguments hold less weight in this situation because it is very clear throughout the entire game that your mythic power has no direct connection to your alignment. in fact you chose your mythic power (whether good or evil), you chose to be a hero a savior or a tyrant and a villain or just a "trickster". your mythic power doesn't cause you to do evil unless you want to do evil and you want to go with an evil mythic route
6- sixth all her arguments and reasoning is rendered mute when she basically admits that she was wrong about you on the angel mythic path and the other mythic paths (even evil ones) when you enter threshold depending on your choices (right after Nocticula appears to you)
now all my previous points is why in my opinion Iomedae doesn't make a favorable impression on the player(also she withheld the truth from her herald intentionally, causing my angel bro to suffer. and she threatens the player if he is an atheist) also she is clearly there for some other reason other than what she has stated. plus there is a sort of indifference to her in regards to the whole matter of the worldwound.
in conclusion and in my personal opinion while Iomedae has every right to be skeptical of the player and not trust him/her. her reasons for interfering are because she cares more about the status quo on the cosmic scale than about you the player or the fate of mortals and the worldwound. or maybe and that's a big maybe is because she wants to stop Nocticula from ascending. because i find it rather odd that she intervenes in act 6 only if Noc tries to stop you, should you chose to leave the worldwound open (key word is tries here, i would have loved the chance to wipe the smug from Noc's face) and we know that an open worldwound means the lady in shadows does not ascend. but i find this rather unlikely
excuse the English not my native language
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2022.01.26 07:46 jaelwelch Referral Binance

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2022.01.26 07:46 Aliens_are_Grockles Does Ornn need a buff?

I play a ton of Ornn and have played him through several seasons now. In doing so I have seen first hand the small little changes Riot makes such as removing the shield on W, not getting health when you build it in lane, the later power spike of the mythic rework this past season, and not directly Riot's doing but games on average getting shorter.
It all seems to have culminated to a weaker Ornn with Riot not fully compensating after slowly chipping him down. Ornn wants to make it into the late game and be a big beefy FORGE GOD, but in certain matchups against bruisers or other jugs one or two bad trades can lead to you falling significantly behind.
Ornn lacks a shield to help mitigate some damage in trades, Ornn does not have a way to regen his health outside of runes/dorans/pots/items, or skill expressive way to mitigate dmg. Sure you can unstoppable some things but once your W is over you HAVE TO WAIT OUT THE REMAINDER OF THE CC ANYWAY.
Ornn honestly feels kinda lackluster compared to some newer champs or more popular champs who can trade then out sustain and eventually just shove him out of lane. Not to even mention that most of the champs who can force you to back can then make short work of your tower.
Don't get me wrong I love Ornn and when you're winning it feels great, but I feel after all this time I would be better off having learned to play something like Camille/Fiora/Irelia/Sett/Mord to the same level I do Ornn.
What do y'all think? Am I crazy and just need to getgud or could our Lord of the Forge use some sweet tender Rito lovin'?
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2022.01.26 07:46 ADadWhoDraws How do I draw a face! Sketching in Procreate.

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2022.01.26 07:46 Lalimker characteristics of power amplifiers

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2022.01.26 07:46 DesperateCondition23 As a Swede, i think this is pretty funny

The name of the general is "Inge Hård" - 1 star general
That means almost "Not tough or not hard" (some swedish accent pronounces it like that)
Later in very that same game, i get another general...
Drum roll*
Sten Hård!
Which translate to "Rock Hard or Really tough" - 3 star general
RNG Jesus making Gothenburg jokes (Dad jokes)
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2022.01.26 07:46 BlenderSecrets Reconstruct lower subdivisions from a 3D scan

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2022.01.26 07:46 Foad087 Airdrop Meta Hare

Airdrop Meta Hare Prize 50milion Token End airdrop 25Feb Distribution 25march https://t.me/meta_hare_airdrop_bot?start=r07294163514 Contract bsc: 0xebd499ee5f6f3a4babbdd280572e4bc4055a62df
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2022.01.26 07:46 TheEminenceInShadow It turns out I'm speedrunner

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2022.01.26 07:46 PurpleNurpleGurgle Is it possible that there are Old/ Pirate Ships still floating out at sea?

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2022.01.26 07:46 PeppeMas1 DOGE came back on top 🔝

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2022.01.26 07:46 KittenDealinMama He Just Wanted To Eat His Corndog

Mood Spolier: This is a lighthearted one
Original Jan 2022
TIFU By Deep-Thoating a Corndog in a Company Wide Meeting.
This literally just happened so the T in tifu is valid. I recently got hired at a new company, I’ve been here for 1 month and I love it. I work from home and today we had a company wide meeting with 376 employees in attendance. during the meeting I decided “I haven’t eaten yet, might as well do it now. What about a corndog, that’s quick and easy. Yes u/redbird2992 good choice! There I am halfway through a 2 hour meeting still waiting to eat, when everyone muted themselves for the CTO’s presentation and I thought “nows a good time.” I grabbed my corndog, clicked the button to turn my video off, and began taking a massive bite (i was hungry and wanted to finish quick so my video wasn’t off long). I looked up as I was biting down and low and behold i hit the wrong button which just unmuted myself aka my camera was still on…
In a moment of sheer panic I instinctively ducked down to get out of the camera range which didn’t work. I ended up hitting the desk which shoved the stick/full corndog into my throat and made me choke. Me hitting the desk and choking was picked up on my mic and as I was the only other non-muted, video enabled member of the meeting zoom popped me into the highlighted section right next to the fucking CTO. Still gagging, with tears dripping down my face, I forgot about the corndog, and frantically muted/shut off my camera hoping nobody saw.
Long story short everyone saw. My team immediately started messaging me asking what was going on as they just saw a few seconds of me giving a corndog the day of its life directly next to my bosses bosses bosses boss. I’m currently debating on finding a hole to die in, crying while in the fetal position in the shower, or just making a joke out of it. Not too sure which will win out, the only thing I absolutely know for sure is that I have a whole new level of respect for my wife.
Tl;dr I inadvertently deep-throated a corndog during a virtual company wide meeting and my video popped up for everyone.
Edit: thank everyone very much for the awards. My wife thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my pain/awkwardness and we both are enjoying the comments.
Second edit: yes, they were recording the meeting, I’m not sure how to request a copy of the video without making it seem like I’ll be posting it on cornhub or something.
3rd edit: day 2 of 2 hour company wide meetings. They decide to “break out” into smaller groups that are “randomly selected” guess who got into a 4 person group with the fucking CTO? If you guessed this guy, you’d be correct.
Update 3 days later
Hello everyone, I’m not sure if this allowed in this sub but I had a few people ask me how the rest of my week went so I figured I’d send out an update to the original as well as a subsequent fuckup I made. To answer the most asked question, these company wide meetings were spanning over the course of a few days and were our annual “this is how the company is doing, this is our plan moving forward.” It’s a mix of short presentations by department heads with q&a’s and open discussions which is why they didn’t mute everyone when the deepthroat in question occurred which was on day 1.
On to the update/second fuck up :
Well I haven’t been fired but I also haven’t been offered any high paying “under the table” work so I’ll count that as a wash. Day 2 we broke out into smaller groups of 3-5 people to “meet employees you normally wouldn’t interact with” and guess who was “randomly placed” within our CTO’s group? This fuckin guy. Guess who also doesn’t learn from his mistakes and was eating corn dogs for lunch? This fuckin guy. Guess who didn’t realize when you get sent to a “breakout group” your camera turns on? This fuckin guy.
Thankfully this time I didn’t deep throat anything but he did see me with the corndog in question, and gave me a weird look. I took the suggestions of internet people because I’m an idiot and I joked it off like so many of you recommended. The issue is, he didn’t realize it was me who had previously deepthroated the corn dog until I joked about it and I was actually placed with him randomly… Apparently he was wrapped up in his presentation and only saw the last second or so before I shut off my camera and nobody told him.
Things got awkward for a moment until my kitten jumped up on my desk which shifted the conversation. We actually had a decent introduction, i told him about my wife, our 2 kittens, and some hobbies (woodworking and bowling) he shared about his wife and their hobbies (he said his main hobby was work… kinda a weird one but you do you boo). I also wasn’t the weirdest one in the group, that honor went to the guy who told the CTO his dream was to quit to pursue making edm full time (i can respect this but that was not the time or place my dude.)
That being said my team now has a few new nicknames including “state fair, corn dog, Deep throat (DT when managers are in the chat)” among a few others and our group chats are full of corndog gifs. They do it in good fun though and have told me they will quit en masse if I’m fired for this situation and I honestly believe them lol. Though I’m hoping to put this behind me soon, I’ve at least learned a valuable lesson “don’t eat Dick shaped foods in company meetings.” And if you do try not to remind them of the time you performed a sex act on one, even if it was against your will.
Tl;dr fucked up again by assuming my group placement was intentional and reminded my boss I was the corndogger.
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2022.01.26 07:46 DemografiSkaebne Når alt er videnskab, er intet videnskab

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2022.01.26 07:46 whitneymendoza Opposition to resist PM Imran’s Lower Dir visit ahead of LG polls

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2022.01.26 07:46 Bluewolf2204 Ow

So I've just transitioned over to button play style recently, and my hands hurt from smacking the edge of the buttons or the screen sometimes. Any advice? Also I seem to be missing the buttons occasionally lol, I'd either smack the space in between or touch the screen instead.
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2022.01.26 07:46 Medical-Climate3503 Just a few hours left to win this Rare 1/1 VertexSkate NFT! Follow the comment (NO ADDRESS DROPPING)

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2022.01.26 07:46 MakkaPakkaStoneStack Samurai Barber for literal neckbeard shaving

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2022.01.26 07:46 Independent_Ideal574 I dont get why the hate for forza aero i get it doesnt look right on certain cars but

Im in to clean looking simple tuner cars/jdm cars,im also into race builds for touge or circuit racing,was watching a circuit race on youtube seen this civic hatch going crazy battling with a holden the civic build was pretty clean had a the spoiler that looks like forza aero😂looked pretty fire was zippin past ppl and doing clean overtakes think i just got inspiration to do an A class civic build
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2022.01.26 07:46 TheEminenceInShadow Sigh…

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2022.01.26 07:46 andrewdelaware Question for the 6.7 Powerstroke guys

Is there still a viable way to get rid of that thing that shall not be named underneath and the thing that shall not be named under the hood? I know the parts are available but I am concerned about where I would get the proper tune. I have an sct x4 but do not know who to talk to about the tuning side of things.
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