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seguridad +1

2021.12.06 08:17 confusedboy8513 seguridad +1

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2021.12.06 08:17 Ayushi555 Swollen growth around dog's urethral opening .Any idea what could it be ?

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2021.12.06 08:17 DieselBusthe5th Doing Media's Work Part 6? Gamestop as a Hedge Against The Market Crash!

Ladies & Gentleman, here I go again doing the work of Social Media. As I mentioned before, Mainstream Media is awful & they do not report on everything that is happening. That is why I decided to write news, articles myself.
Is Gamestop a Hedge Against The Market Crash?
For those who do not want to read an article I wrote, here's a TLDR
History of Gamestop that we all know
Why Market Crash Might Soon Happen

  1. S&P 500 P/E Ratio
  2. RRP (Reverse Repurchase Agreement)
  3. Evergrande
  4. Inflation
Hedge Funds are Bad
What is Shorting
Why I think Gamestop might be a hedge
Final Thoughts

Keep in mind I need to be professional and careful with my language. Nothing on my website is financial advice. Have a great day :)
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2021.12.06 08:17 nf_highlights Josh Richardson : All Possessions (2021-12-04)

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2021.12.06 08:17 mutatedllama No standoffs / screws in Lancool II Mesh case?!

This is my first time building. I've installed various components to my motherboard and come to mount it in my Lancool II Mesh (RGB) case and can't find screws or standoffs to do so.
I was under the impression that they would come with the case, but there was no bag of screws or anything and they aren't pre installed.
There seems to be paint missing from where they would screw in, which makes me think they have been removed prior to being sent to me.
I ordered from CCL online in the UK.
Could anybody just please confirm if there should have been screws and standoffs included, and where they should be?
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2021.12.06 08:17 infiainrockstar Calm Down

As in the past charts, The prices of ALT coins have gone nearly double down when BTC goes down. ( i.e -BTC -10% then VET 20%+ or so ).... this down market is more of a BTC down push. Not because of some bad stuff going on with VET or the Project. So You can keep calm and hold your VET/VTHO wherever you are holding.
Happy Mondays to you, too!
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2021.12.06 08:17 McXeniBeats How Long will it take

so this is just a question so I started from 0 0 0 on the nether roof running and I wonder how long will it take till i reach 30 million I wanna livestream the hole thing aka I am and wanna know how much time i would need so i can plan everything out we are talking not form running in this case I am talking regular walking how long would it take thank you
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2021.12.06 08:17 Ok_Regret_9552 GMOD Funny Animation

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2021.12.06 08:17 nf_highlights Enes Kanter 7 REB: All Possessions (2021-11-19)

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2021.12.06 08:17 Cyalukyan Imagine being the chicken from this container of chicken I bought for dinner. Not only cut up to pieces, but destined to be thrown away in the garbage because I can't even fucking eat it since something is wrong with my microwave and made it taste disgusting.

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2021.12.06 08:17 zaidrudyyy As a Muslim. Do you find skits like these remotely funny?

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2021.12.06 08:17 brokentoothh Koi Fish Pond, Me, Acrylic, 2021

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2021.12.06 08:17 electrobuzz Ben A, Alejandro Peñaloza - Overview Of The Conga / CUBE236

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2021.12.06 08:17 SkyNetProbe Can recommend any lower CC bike with a similar ride to a R nine T

Beginner rider here and love the R nine T but might be a bit too much power as a first bike. Any suggestions for a bike with a similar ride profile, acceleration etc.. but power CC? Thanks!!
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2021.12.06 08:17 _ThatAltAcc_ Creeps man.

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2021.12.06 08:17 justalildudejoinnin only legend know

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2021.12.06 08:17 FreebieMain Cherry Network raises $2.9M to launch its media-optimized blockchain

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2021.12.06 08:17 nf_highlights Aaron Nesmith 11 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-04)

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2021.12.06 08:17 Financial-Share-4495 Top 7 percent. Nice

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2021.12.06 08:17 DaniBecr Not any better than China..

A land of freedom eh...We aren't really any better than China.
We admit to torture. We give life sentences without any charges. The Patriot Act allows the execution of American citizens without a trial 'in absentia' We prosecute anybody who exposes egregious crimes of the government. We use clandestine laws that have 'classified' text and DO NOT allow those people to mount a defense.
Are we really better than any other caliphate?
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2021.12.06 08:17 SloppyWet Let's All Now Create Excitement

Limgrave was fun and exciting to explore in the network test And I am very excited to explore the rest of the open world. Now that we are closing in the official release date I cannot Contain my excitement any longer. We are very lucky to have Elden Ring being released in our lifetime. The epic vision of Miyazaki and the entire team at FromSoft always ends up Creating a game that is like no other. Elden Ring is unlikely to Disappoint. Everything in the network test ranging from the Open world to the enemies and combat was very well done. Nothing compares to the gameplay experience of Elden Ring And I think it will easily win game of the year. I will see you in Limgrave and the other areas of the game fellow tarnished. Don't give up skeleton it is almost here. :)
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2021.12.06 08:17 happytireddog Why won’t anybody help me

I’m really tired, I tried so hard I gathered so much courage but no one is willing to help me. I don’t have many friends let alone close friends and even if they are willing to listen to my troubles. I don’t have a dad and my mum doesn’t understand me because she’s uneducated and has never been to school infact it’s almost as if there’s a slight langauge barrier between us since I’m unable to express myself well in the langauge my mum understands. After many months I gathered courage to ask my sister for help. I did it yesterday but she refused to help me, but can I honestly blame her, she’s probably been through more than me, and she’s a minor too. Everyday I feel more and more worn out, I’m scared of tomorrow I don’t want it to come, I think I might give up soon, I really can’t cope anymore.
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2021.12.06 08:17 nf_highlights Payton Pritchard : All Possessions (2021-11-19)

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2021.12.06 08:17 jakebenbow Artstation Challenge submission - feedback appreciated

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2021.12.06 08:17 ben12a Blindsided after talks of Marriage

1.5 months ago she asked me to marry her, and I told her I wasn't ready and needed to think about it. We had been together for 3.5 years, out of school for 2 of those years. I didn't feel stable in my life yet and didn't want to say yes untill I was. We really didn't have any major fights or obstacles come up untill now. She always talked about our future like it was a sure thing (buying a house, planning trips for years to come, moving to a new state, etc).
2 weeks ago she told me she wasn't sure she could be her "happiest self" with me. Turns out her mom, sister, and some of her friends had been telling her she didn't seems as happy as she used to be, and she had been thinking about this on her own for a couple weeks. I feel betrayed - it seems like she was talking to everyone except me about our relationship.
Her reasons were 100% valid - I had become withdrawn and pushed people away due to a combination of entering true adult life, COVID, and longer work hours + travel. I fell into video games, and didn't go out as much as I used too. I wasnt as present in her life and the relationship as I should have been. I tried opening up to her once and telling her I was depressed, but she just dismissed it and told me I wasnt.
I told her that I was in love with her, and that I wanted to be present and break out of the hole I had fallen into. I told her I wanted us to have better communication, and talk about what each of us needed and how each of us felt a few times a week going forward. In the 1.5 weeks after the initial conversation I got a counselor, was completely open and honest with her about how I felt and what I wanted, reconnected with some friends and family, and was doing a lot better - I was feeling more like myself again.
So the true breakup didn't happen untill 1.5 weeks after the initial conversation. During that time she slept in our guest room, and was out of the house with her friends and coworkers more. At one point we sat down, and she told me she liked the changes she was seeing and that what I was doing "were things she saw her life partner doing", and said she wanted to give me another chance, but wasn't sure if she could let me back in and trust that the changes would stick. A few days later she asked me to come watch her play volleyball, and then a few more days later we went to a concert, and I thought we were on our way to rebuilding our relationship, but stronger than it had been (with better communication). But, a few more days later, she sat me down and started crying, then said "the more space I get, the less effort I want to put into the relationship, so it's over".
She is still here - her dad bought her a house, but it won't be ready untill January. Since the final break I've been pretty much No Contact - we had one phone conversation the week after the breakup, and I said "hi" to her in passing once in the apartmenr. I need to have another conversation with her about what we are doing with the lease for our current place at some point, but I'm reluctant to initiate the contact again.
Before we met, she was casually "hooking up" with a former teammate of mine who lived in another state. When we got together, he got mad at her and they cut contact for a bit, but reconnected a year down the line as friends for a music festival. She went to the same festival a few weeks before we broke up, and stayed at his house since he lives in the area. She asked me if it was okay to stay with him, and I truly don't think anything happened while she was there, but 2 things keep nagging at me. 1. She was texting him during our 1.5 week long uncertainty phase (saw his name pop up on her phone - she left it by me to go to the bathroom. I didn't look at their conversations or anything). 2. I opened my personal laptop for the first time in a couple months, and she was still logged in to her email on it. I was weak and snooped a bit (horrible, I know) and saw a flight receipt for the end of the year that she booked shortly after the final break, and it was a flight to Las Vegas (where he lives). She could be going out their for a concert or with her family of something, but if still nags me. After the breakup, I asked her outright if anything happened at the festival. She said no and I think I believe her, but this is still eating away at me.
Anyway, it's been 2.5 weeks since the break. I've been eating healthier, lost 10 pounds since the whole ordeal began, and gotten back into gym/basketball/pickleball/guitareading/other hobbies And interests. I've signed up for some sports leagues and pottery classes to try and make new friends and build an actual support network. I'm going to be a better person because of all this eventually, but I still hurt - often, and a lot. I wake up in the middle of the night and think about the fact that I'll never hold her, or really talk to her, or even just see her again after she moves out. She was my first love, and I needed to learn some lessons about relationships - I just can't believe the first big lesson came at the expense of the whole relationship. I can't believe we were cuddling, and she was saving "I love you" all the time, right up untill that initial conversation. She kissed me for the last time, said "I love you" for the last time, was intimate for the last time, etc, and I didn't even know those would be the last times...
I'm so disappointed that she didn't want to put in the effort to rebuild the relationship, after all her talk about marriage and the future. I'm disappointed that she didn't come to me about her feelings untill it was too late. I'm disappointed that our history and all the big events we went through together (graduating, finding jobs, living apart for the first year after graduating, COVID, moving in together, her losing a job and getting a new one) didnt warrant getting through this. I'm angry at myself for falling into the hole that I did, and I'm angry at myself for not sitting down and figuring out my own feelings earlier, and not recognizing that we needed to communicate more. I'm sad that she's moving into a house alone, after planning for us to do it together, and I'm sad that she sleeps 30 ft away from me, but emotionally we are now miles apart.
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