Stuck at 195 Lentalk requests

2021.12.06 08:20 kimmoore Stuck at 195 Lentalk requests

I ran out of requests at 195 so what’s the easiest way to find the ones I’m missing?
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2021.12.06 08:20 rafi9090 Alguem afin de falar umas putarias pesadas sem frescura?

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2021.12.06 08:20 GloomySuspect2773 Si Beelce no consigue una novia parecida a Darkrai o Salva estaré desecionado

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2021.12.06 08:20 littlemirta hmm hey (f18)

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2021.12.06 08:20 MrWalker1991 30M looking for a F

I’m a single father of 2 from Devon looking to find a long lasting relationship and someone who wants more than just a quick fix I’m 5,10” brown hair brown eyes I live alone have my kids live with me 3 days a week I can drive, and cook I love night walks along the beach but I’m also happy cuddling up watching movies or getting competitive together playing games. I listen to most types of music as long as it sounds good it’s fine If this sounds of any interest to you feel free to message me
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2021.12.06 08:20 CKsTechnologyNews epicgames-freebies-claimer: Claim available free game promotions from the Epic Games Store.

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2021.12.06 08:20 viktorkriv07 Fans not working after building a new pc

I just finished building my new pc. It has 5 fans, 3 of them being ARGB. The case is the DF700 Flux, and all the fans came with it. The fans came pre installed, and the rgb and fan cables were already connected to the fan hub. I opened the pc and the ram has its rgb, and the cpu cooler fan is spinning. But the fans aren’t spinning, and the rgb for the fans aren’t on either. The bios isn’t detecting any of the 5 fans, but is detecting im pretty sure everything else. I turned off the pc,, and plugged one of the non rgb fans cables into a motherboard fan connector instead. I turned on the pc, and, the fan started spinning.
Is there something wrong with the fan hub of the case? I made sure to connect its pwm fan connector to the motherboard, but the fans still aren’t working.
And also, this doesn’t really matter but the gpu fans weren’t spinning either. I’m sure that’s because the gpu doesn’t need to spin in the bios though
Thanks for any help
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2021.12.06 08:20 nothinstops How does gen z save money?

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2021.12.06 08:20 MikelSpencer One-knob DJ Fade to Grey Effect Rack (Wash Out) | Ableton Tutorial

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2021.12.06 08:20 peternr1 I Winked Back 😏 GIF by peternr1

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2021.12.06 08:20 mikeyypeng lmao at this

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2021.12.06 08:20 Draco32 F945 Battery Question

Hi there, just got my new forerunner 945 today, updated the firmware as I thought it would be pretty stable for battery life however it's been pretty poor so far is this the case for others in running 8.10 firmware
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2021.12.06 08:20 venxikRob How long do you think this build will last?

As the title says how long do you think this build will last?

I'm open for suggestions to make it more future proof. Thanks all :)
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2021.12.06 08:20 niuz-bot VIDEO Parlament: A început şedinţa solemnă dedicată aniversării a 30 de ani de la adoptarea Constituţiei - [Viata parlamentara]

Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.06 08:20 AJMurphy_1986 Option to play as an existing manager

Always found it weird this isn't an option.
Might just be me, but I really dislike creating a profile and taking over a huge team as a 30 year old with no previous management jobs.
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2021.12.06 08:20 Nohan07 Au Brésil, face à un possible ticket présidentiel Lula-Alckmin, l’importance d’une candidature unie de la gauche

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2021.12.06 08:20 66SickMC She unblocked me days after the argument. What does this mean?

We broke up more than 2 weeks ago. It was not a mutual breakup and I did try to stop it by kind of reassuring her I will be different and not needy. (I was in a really bad depression) She left anyway. Afterward we stopped talking but I caught her stalking all of my photos and posts on social media and even reacting to them. Then 3 days later I had enough. I told her that I'm done with this and "i don't want her in my life anymore" because I was really angry with how she was treating me and the breakup.
Needless to say, she blocked me. But unblocked me 30 minutes later, she told me "I can insult her however I want" but ofc I said sorry told her that "I still miss her a lot" and some begging. She told me that "she is not gonna block me" after the argument. 1 day later, she went against that and blocked me. The block continued for a week before she unblocked me.
I did the mistake of breaking NC and reaching out sending her a heartfelt apology for what I have said. She replied really fast to it tho. I really thought we were doing better and sent her an email telling her what I've been doing to grow and I hope that she could give me another chance.
It has been 3 days since my email and no response from her yet. Does this miss she simply moved on already? Or is she not ready yet to communicate with me?
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2021.12.06 08:20 niuz-bot Deputatul Popa (PNL Brăila): Prima indemnizaţie de parlamentar donată a mers către 600 de copii nevoiaşi - [Social]

Preşedintele PNL Brăila, deputatul Alexandru Popa a declarat luni, într-un comunicat de presă, că prima "investiţie" făcută din indemnizaţia de parlamentar, pe care a anunţat în luna octombrie că o va dona oamenilor din judeţ în situaţii financiare dificile, a mers către 600 d...
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.06 08:20 remvs98 Music-zanger John Miles op 72-jarige leeftijd overleden

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2021.12.06 08:20 Valuable-Ad-1633 My friend doesn’t think his wife would get any responses to jerk/cum tributes. Prove him wrong. Send to kik TribzPlz83

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2021.12.06 08:20 Informal-Wing-1652 Getting off work at 7....Anyone up for a morning meet up?

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2021.12.06 08:20 netzhwlan Don’t miss this giveaway 🐷 ⬆️UPVOTE and drop your wallet!

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2021.12.06 08:20 Onianexiaz Ranking the strongest crews based on how they would perform at Marineford in my opinion

So I was thinking about how the top 10 known crews would perform in Marineford and here are my thoughts Rules No outside interference No cp0 No kong No Jinbei for either side No consideration of timelines its a battle that surpasses space and time
The crews are ranked based on the completion of following objectives Make the Warlords serious (Except Mihawk) Make Mihawk serious Make Sengoku and Garp serious Rescue the captive ( no moral dilemma for Garp) Admirals killed Warlords killed
Strawhats and Blackbeard are still growing and Shanks is unknown so they are not included
Achieving the objective is more important criteria than strength.
So here we go 7. Old Beard pirates Result : Pirates lose worse than at marineford. Ace Dies Whitebeard Dies Marco likely dies as well
Reason: We already saw this playout and this time no luffy law or others will help this time, Garp is serious . Marco likely dies as well since Garp kncked him out and once Marines execute the captive Marco is next.

  1. Big Mom pirates Result: Either pirates manage to save Ace and bounce or Marines win.
Reason : So big mom pirates overall perform better than Oldbeard thanks to their unique abilities and Cracker as well as two CoC users. But ultimately Big Mom herself can't defeat that many characters if Law bypassed her powers so can Akainu. Katakuri will perform better than Marco thanks to his foresight but is countered badly by Kuzans df. Smoothie is also hax but she likely can't juice light so Kizaru takes her down.
That said Brulee is a game changer if the marines don't know about Mirror world they can use it to save the captive and bounce.
  1. Primebeard pirates +Oden
Result : Marines lose an admiral but win handily otherwise
Reason : I too expected Primebeard to perform much better especially with Oden on his side but a few setbacks come up.
Oden: An easy admiral hand in, the strongest commander we have discussed till now but is also one of the only guys that would excite Mihawk. This means at worst Mihawk defeats and kills Oden at best he holds him off till the admirals finish Primebeard.
The Crew: Is more of an orphanage at this point and is much smaller and weaker, nobody holds off even an admiral. And no that Roger pirates fight was hardly a fight since they didn't even have actual battle scars even the anime showed just how lightly Rayleigh was taking Marco.
Primebeard : One of the strongest fighters we have seen in the series. His supreme blade Naginata infused with his DF and Advanced CoC takes atleast one admiral to the grave but without Oden and his crew to back him up is facing a 5v1 and dies.
  1. Beast pirates
Result: The best performance of the Yonkos but Marines still win.
Reason: Definitely saving the captive thanks to either kings flight or Queens invisibility Doffy joins their side. Flying six hangs with the vice admirals
Seastone and poison weapons + Queens arsenal of tech. Kaidos reputation and general invulnerability. Flame clouds can transport massive ammunition. Apoo + Numbers sweep a large number of fodder and bonus if captive is Ace since Yamato might join
They definitely rescue captive, kill atleast one warlord and likely also one admiral I was almost inclined to give them the win but a few issues preventing it.
King: The best performance of the 1st commanders but the WG beat the lunarians they'll likely have his weakness at hand.
Queen : Again awesome tech but Vegapunk is better and he'll definitely make something to counter Queen also his habit of getting horny mid battle kills him if he faces Hancock.
Kaidos: Definitely perfoms best of all Yonko but his personality is huge handicap sure to make enjoying the battle a bigger priority so they don't rescue and run away.
Also his invulnerability is good and all but as we know that Sengoku atleast has CoC and likely Garp, Akainu and Mihawk as well.
We also know that awakenings can bypass the Yonko defense and once the Commanders are gone if Akainu + Kuzan and maybe even Kizaru unleash a combined attack like Kidd+Law Kaido is going down 1v1 kaido wins but nobody 1v2+ the Admirals.
  1. Roger Pirates + Oden
Result : Marines win with massive loss or Draw.
Reason : The best performance yet but still they only draw or lose very high diff.
Roger Rayleigh Oden Scopper: stalls or kills an admiral even if Mihawk intervenes its stills 6 v 4 with Garp and Sengoku weaker than their prime.
CoC : having 3 strong CoC users mean that the army difference is heavily reduced.
The remaining crew: being the Pirate King crew id assume atleast a couple could hang out with vice admirals and warlords.
The weapon : if shiki was right and Roger had an ancient weapon that is huge bonus.
Why the still don't win.
Not enough soldiers : CoC reduces difference only by so much at some point the difference in numbers catch up.
The admirals : if the admirals go ballistic and punk hazard marineford the Roger pirates die since they're ultimately still human.
So the only options are they draw with Sengoku calling off the war or they die due to the admirals full force but take marineford down with them.
  1. Big Mom + Kaido:
Result :Draws without ancient weapon and high diff with ancient weapon.
Reason : With 2 Yonko having vastly different skillsets they pretty much cover each others weakness. The brawns and the brains combined
Their combined army : Equals /beats the marines in numbers and strong fighters.
Their commanders : Are good enough to stall 1 admiral + Garp&Sengoku so they can each focus on 1 admiral and once kaido/big mom wins their battle the other admiral taking them is also dying.
Why they still draw without ancient weapons : Since the remaining marine top tiers would still be relatively fresh after fighting the commanders. As well as the other issues detailed in their individual reasons.
With the ancient weapon : they get a massive starting advantage and definitely win.
  1. Rocks :
Result: win
Reason: But Rocks was defeated by Garp+Roger so how?
Well the Roger pirates almost solos marineford in my opinion so the fact that they still needed garp and other marine reinforcements shows why Rocks are single strongest pirate force till date.
Top tiers : Rocks Whitebeard Big Mom Shiki can each hang with a admiral with 2 of them being almost confirmed winners. John Silver axe Kaido and the others also carry their weight and can atleast stall garp.
The warlords: Mihawk likely has not much interest here so no assist and most warlords are likely to bounce when the going gets tough.
The army difference : Does matter slightly but the amount of king haki users means their interference is negligible (like the Kata vs Luffy fight) and can be handled by homies and such.
So ya this my list what are your thoughts.
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2021.12.06 08:20 ANDRESJ_DZARANOVEC Shoes are an effective WMD against Muscovites.

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2021.12.06 08:20 peakedatsix Does anyone have “Send an x if u r not a pussy” challenge? See comments.

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