Bulls on top. Imola is the best circuit IMO

On Hamilton’s side, he lucked out due to the red flags at Imola and Silverstone, threw away at least second place with a flick of a button in Baku, threw away a near-certain win (or had it thrown away for him) with a strategic blunder in Hungary, lost 5 points to Verstappen without a single racing lap in Belgium, and crashed in Italy. Get the latest news, sport, celebrity, finance, lifestyle, weather, travel, cars, technology and live scores - expertly curated from top local South African and global news providers. Max was a bit impatient and that lead to his tyres finishing. I do not think Lewis drives the same way. With consistent rain with everyone on the same tyre, I believe it is possible to win from the back once the leaders make mistakes, or they cover each other on a suboptimal strategy then a safety car happens. Honda-livery Red Bull en Imola beschikbaar in nieuwe update F1 game. Goed nieuws voor iedereen die van gamen houdt en dol was op de Honda-livery van Red Bull. De speciale livery is via een nieuwe update namelijk toegevoegd aan de officiële F... The Red Bull RB1 is a Formula One racing car designed by Jaguar Racing for use in the 2005 season.However, with the Red Bull buyout of the Jaguar Racing team, it was used instead by Red Bull Racing.. Scot David Coulthard drove for the entire season, with Austrian Christian Klien and Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi sharing the other car. Liuzzi raced in four of the rounds, with Klien racing in the ... In hugely testing conditions at Imola, the McLaren star held his nerve to show maturity well beyond his years and beat both Ferraris to the podium. No wonder you gave Lando Norris the nod. Here’s how the voting broke down… Lando Norris - 32.3% Max Verstappen - 15.5% Lewis Hamilton - 13.9% Charles Leclerc - 7.2% Carlos Sainz - 4.9%

2021.10.16 20:48 f1will Bulls on top. Imola is the best circuit IMO

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2021.10.16 20:48 AleisterTheMagician 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2021.10.16 20:48 AlphaToadOfficial Started having the "Failed after 4 retries problem"

Any ideas to help? It all started today, which coincidentally is the first time I installed Toonhud, so idk if that has anything to do with it (I uninstalled it now), but I've tried the "+clientport 27006-27014" thing and it works for one game then goes back to being broken, forcing me to close and reopen tf2 every time I wanna queue up for casual. Help? Please?
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2021.10.16 20:48 cameraspeeding Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Review

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2021.10.16 20:48 br0nt0 [Seiko] Skx013 my daily diver!

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2021.10.16 20:48 PeachyLittleLemon 33F Is there a MNFH 30+? Lol I feel like it’s all teenagers here. 😂

INFP/enneagram 4’s want to chat, share music or something? Other topics: Drawing in procreate, Sci fi, podcasts, YouTube, animal facts, deconstructing/reconstructing faith, philosophy/religion/theology/Christianity. Chronic health issues. Ocd, mental health. Weight loss, obesity.
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2021.10.16 20:48 Lag_hater_not_hatter Underclocking GPU, better Mh/s

I'm not quite sure how mining operates but by limiting power draw to 53% and underclocking the cores and memory to -502 each on my 1660 super is getting 26 Mh/s instead of 25.1 Hh/s on average through cudo miner. Just some food for thought
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2021.10.16 20:48 creatingastorm Hydrogen infused water - seriously!

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2021.10.16 20:48 Process-Secret Came across this on 9gag. Geooorge!!!!

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2021.10.16 20:48 Zamicol Optimism about the future of Pueblo's economy

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2021.10.16 20:48 tilityvehicle great white finland

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2021.10.16 20:48 jajanken900 Does anyone have a link to the Phys 206 fall semester discord server? or any group on Facebook or WhatsApp?

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2021.10.16 20:48 VoltexRB "Prime Enabled" Badge gone?

I just had a game where I played against 5 man premade spinbotter with <10 hours each, after the game I wanted to look if I had prime disabled or they just like to waste money and I cant find the badge anywhere? It used to be right here, right?
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2021.10.16 20:48 rustyshaklefordjm Smokey Joe or Go Anywhere, you think? TIL: Ariana Grande had the words 'small charcoal grill' tattooed on her hand in Japanese instead of her song 7 Rings due to missing characters.

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2021.10.16 20:48 arqieondabeat no idea beat remix

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2021.10.16 20:48 isaacamaraderie Getting my first MacBook. What DAW should I get?

I’ve been using windows my entire life and my laptop just broke. I’ve been using FL Studio for 4 years now and I decided why not try something new since I’m getting a MacBook for the first time? I’m mostly deciding between Ableton and Logic Pro. I’m leaning towards Ableton cuz Grimes apparently used it to make my fav album by her. But I see A LOT of producers raving about Logic and it’s exclusively for Mac’s so I’m inclined to try that as well. I’m mostly focusing on the broadest range of pop/electronic music. I also want to start vocal producing down the road. I was using FL to vocal produce and it was fine. But I’m mostly taking a break from singing and focusing on instrumental production.
What do you think is best? I heard it doesn’t really matter too much but I’d like to hear y’all’s opinions! I’m excited to try something new :)
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2021.10.16 20:48 subwaybooligan Epic Games welcomes blockchain games after Valve bans them from Steam

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2021.10.16 20:48 vegasbm Borrowings: FG mortgaging Nigeria's future - Sen Yaroe

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2021.10.16 20:48 daveto Lennard: A Florida Anarchist Will Spend Years in Prison for Online Posts Prompted by Jan. 6 Riot

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2021.10.16 20:48 TheHunterZolomon The single dragapult collection box delivered.

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2021.10.16 20:48 feminasty96 I’m trying to rack my brain, but I’m drawing a blank. When Hannah was a teacher, what book did she assign that was deemed inappropriate?

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2021.10.16 20:48 unword on pewdiepie's apology vid

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2021.10.16 20:48 Chasethedream03 When Does the Heartbreak Go Away?

I’m currently experiencing a pretty tough breakup and I feel like I am in so much pain. I have random moments of tears and just feeling like I am not able to function.
Back in March, my partner and I were fighting and it got to the point where we broke up. We still live together, but there were many things that he was dealing with in his life and he did not want to focus on a relationship at that time. I understood that, so I thought of it more as a break than an actual breakup.
Recently, I found out he has been talking with other people on dating apps, he said that he mostly just wanted to talk with others but was not looking for anything romantic. This led to some more arguments since i sort of found out about it. It has gotten to the point where he is telling me that we have been broken up for months and I should be over it by now and move on. It is just hard because I did not realize this would actually be a breakup and figured we could at least work out our issues. This all feels so fresh to me. Also I feel like this meetups are turning into something romantic based off of what I have seen.
I am moving into a different room this week. I don’t have the means to move somewhere else right now. I also want to remain friends because at the end of the day our friendship is important to me.
I just don’t know how to get over this heartbreak. I feel so abandoned and I feel like we never got a true chance to work on our relationship. I feel so heartbroken and lost. I never knew heartbreak could feel so painful.
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2021.10.16 20:48 Pie_D C9 2-4 vs 100T 3-3.

I Just wanting to address this before other people use it to diminish C9s run. C9 had a 33% wr vs major regions in groups %43 if you count the tie breaker. 100T like many NA teams that went 3-3 had a 25% wr vs major regions. I'm not saying this to throw shade at 100T but I saw comments about C9 getting lucky.
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2021.10.16 20:48 Loxito What do you connect a stylophone to in order to modify its sound output?

I don't know much about how music is composed, and also I lack the English vocabulary related to said field.
Do you connect it to a synthesizer? How is the electrical current altered?
Thank you.
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