Canadians coming for week 10

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2021.10.16 21:17 BdawgBui Canadians coming for week 10

Hey there Bolt fans, I’m coming down from Vancouver with my brother who is a big chargers’ fan.
I really want to take him around to do anything we can that’s related to the chargers.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to get into a media day or something at sofi? Maybe try and get jerseys signed, or just even see the players would be awesome.
Any suggestions for a tourist would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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2021.10.16 21:17 WhispyWhirl How good are all the stock weapons?

I don't know the whole tier list of "stock weapons that make unlockables meaningless, to stock weapons you want to replace asap". I mean, the only ones I know are stock scattergun, stock sticky bomb launcher, stock medigun, stock sapper, and stock kukri are objectively superior to anything else you can unlock; and the stock fire axe, stock shovel, stock syringe gun, stock grenade launcher, and stock sniper rifle are garbage and/or easily replaced by superior unlockables. That is all correct right? If not I guess I'm more clueless than I thought. Then which ones really are worth naming and describing to give their own slot in the inventory, and which are not?
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2021.10.16 21:17 TrentKatie123 What if courtney was eliminated in not so happy campers pt 2 instead of ezekiel?

I have to write here to post this
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2021.10.16 21:17 DjKhalid786 Fantasy Outlook for the Calgary Flames going into the 2021-22 Season

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2021.10.16 21:17 ckkuban Суть-сути

"Пазл стал на место, разгадка таилась в разгадке, детали механизма встали на места, картина сложилась в картину, все стало ясней ясного, пророчество сбывается..."
Президент назвал главного врага Российского общества (и это не Американцы). Главным врагом российского общества и угрозой стабильного развития страны являются низкие доходы граждан, заявил президент России на встрече с депутатами новой Думы.
"У всех нас много общих сложных вызовов. Главный наш враг, угроза для стабильного развития, для демографического будущего - это низкие доходы граждан, миллионов наших людей", - сказал Путин.
А, вы думали, что - это вам не это!
Когда враг обнаружен и загнан в угол, угрозу надо ликвидировать. И этим займутся самые "отчаянные патриоты страны", самый неподкупный и реновационный, новый депутатский состав, новой ГосДумы...
Ну, вот и все "ёпт" начинаем ощущать себя другими людьми, прочувствуем "торжество момента", отныне и всегда - "мир не будет прежним!.. он поменяется до неузнаваемости... вы просто запутаетесь в собственных QR-Кодах на безбедность.
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2021.10.16 21:17 Big-Bedroom8783 My First DRS Transfer Last April. Please see the 5 Zeros in front of My 36k. DRS is the WAY!!!

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2021.10.16 21:17 countvlad-xxv_thesly Cursed book

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2021.10.16 21:17 darkkite The Original No Tell Motel?

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2021.10.16 21:17 Sigma1979 Interested in going to the high bazaar... what's the legal status of that in CT though?

I'm a medical marijuana card holder, so i'm definitely interested since it appears i can get in for free, but, i was wondering, is this bazaar legal now in CT?
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2021.10.16 21:17 WeekapaugGin Ordered my first board

I've been lookong at picking up my first longboard and found a good deal on the arbor Martillo 32. I want to learn how to ride and cruise around suburb neighborhoods. Mainly looking for comfort and ease. What do you think about the board?
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2021.10.16 21:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Parties design campaigns on caste calculations | The Hindu

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2021.10.16 21:17 Expensive-Ad9381 if u were to die how would you do it?

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2021.10.16 21:17 addledstudent Found him hehe

Found him hehe
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2021.10.16 21:17 acelord2001 How does crimson/corruption spread through backround walls.

I have a world that is hardmode now with a 6 wide hellevator through one of my deserts. One side has approaching hallow and the other side is pure. This should be enough to stop the blocks from spreading across the gap but what about the underground desert walls? I know that walls dont spread to blocks but will the walls on the other side of the hellevator become hallow? Or do walls only convert if they are close to a hallow block?
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2021.10.16 21:17 Recent-Sky3311 What if I don’t have anyone to list down as a reference in order to get hired?

Hello 21F here. I had an interview at a popular retail store and it went pretty well. They seemed interested in hiring me, but they told me that if I don’t give 2-3 references, they can’t hire me. They told me that they actually will call the references that I list down.
The problem is, I don’t really have anyone I could put as a reference. I’ve worked one job before when I was 17 but the managers that worked there during that time have left. I’m a college student but I’m not in any clubs or anything. Any ideas on who I could put as a reference? Would putting my academic advisor work? How about any friends that go to school with me, or someone that I’ve babysat for? My uncle owns a restaurant that I go help out sometimes. Would I be able to put him as a reference or no bc he’s a relative?
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2021.10.16 21:17 apollack1388 UPDATE S'mores is home and happily eating. I included her before and after pictures from the vet.

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2021.10.16 21:17 KobaldJ rule

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2021.10.16 21:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Deluge in the hills | The Hindu

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2021.10.16 21:17 Burn2Asch136 Anyone want to trade their ps5 for my Xbox series x? I’ve played both and I like the Xbox more but I have more friends that have ps5 so I want to get one.

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2021.10.16 21:17 anon-e-musss PFA. No one cares about your indoor send. Go climb outside.

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2021.10.16 21:17 TheSpiderPatriot The most underrated Yang MU; Yang Xiao Long VS Ken Masters (RWBY VS Street Fighter)

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2021.10.16 21:17 leariane when will Konami add this magnificent man as a character?

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2021.10.16 21:17 Tight-Gap1526 Recent Trading Week Insight update -- still no reason to worry, keep holding!

Posted about this potential issue 5 days ago and it looks like its become more or less a 24/7 deal based on personal observations of the live sell v buy order book on Binance...
As more exchanges add SHIB, the liquidity in the market for the coin will increase so that the algorithm that's mentioned in more detail in the earlier post link doesn't have as drastic of an impact.
If you question or think this is a conspiracy then I wholeheartedly invite your own analysis of the live order book on Binance for SHIB (vs USD) in the comments. You will mostly see 8-9B orders flash for a second on the buy and sell side to provide downward or upward pressure on the price in orderto continue to pick up a couple tenth's of a % after fees every minute or so. The SHIB market is more vulnerable than normal to this right now given the drop in volatility and fluctuating trading volume (i.e. decline in liquidity in the active trading market liquidity in the las week). Only distorting the price and limiting growth of SHIB.
Summary (personal analysis only): Significant break out will occur once volume increases. This decreases the impact of the trading algorithm/pattern as 8-9B sell-stop flash orders that are partially fulfilled will see a lower chance of making $ relative to trading fees and other related expenses to run it. Today, it's only limiting the true potential of SHIB, but hopefully that won't be for very long and the nonsense is run out of the market soon.
Continue to Hold long!
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2021.10.16 21:17 deno1399 TE .5ppr

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2021.10.16 21:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Loneliness and solitude | The Hindu

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